Project 2: Final Line Up

Here is the final spread of my twelve look collection for Delpozo.

This collection has certainly developed and transformed since the beginning of my research and exploration. I am happy with where I have taken this collection and feel it is a good balance between Delpozo's exaggerated silhouettes/ surface detail/ color/ and fabrication & my love of minimalism and edginess.

My inspiration remains fruit, but has veered from its initial literal interpretations to the aspects of layering, color (muted exteriors vs brighter insides), and texture through surface manipulation techniques.

As I move forward in creating final illustrations, I will make sure to better communicate shadow, texture, and define each surface detail. I am planning on doing a similar method to project one, where I combine photoshop and physical illustration.

I would love feedback. Please let me know which looks you feel are stronger and which could be cut or reconsidered (1-12).

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