Project 1:Revised Line Up//Post 3

As I continue to revise the collection, I have selected some looks to further develop & added a few new designs. This new line up focuses on fabrication and print. As seen in the first image, I used a photoshop collage method to illustrate, cropping fabric swatches onto my sketches.

With this revision I added more knits and soft, drapable fabrics. I continued to experiment with metal accessories and hardware closures. The more structured garments will be supported by a stiff interfacing. The cape in look 10 would be printed with the image of a blueprint. Also in look 10, the airplane identification code "N730" is created using an embossing technique. Look 6 includes a top with an engineered print and a white pleather quilted skirt. The top of look 7 uses knit cables to create unique style lines.

As I continue, I look forward to experimenting with new illustration techniques.

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